No bullshit gentle parenting with Maeve Murray

I'm reclaiming new parenthood from the "experts".

My name is Maeve and I’m a mother or two, an infant sleep educator and Mambassador.

What does that mean?

Well, it means I’m here for you when shit gets real and your baby is waking like a…baby!

I’m not going to sell you ways to magic away your baby’s innate need for nighttime parenting.

I’m going to be with you through the shit times so you can feel empowered to follow your instinct during these passing phases.

What does Mambassador mean? It means I’m standing up for new mams – the vulnerable members of the fourth-trimester club – helping them reclaim their role as important members of society with very real and separate needs for a reasonably short period of time.

I’m passionate about the parent and child connection, that amazing bond and experience of being a parent and the flipside of that — the tough slog and endless giving that comes with having children. I am particularly drawn towards the early postnatal period, a time of huge transition and change for families.

My background is as a primary school teacher which I did for 14 years. Once I had my own children I realised I was even more fascinated by babies and passionate about maternal support.

This led me to become a breastfeeding counsellor with Cuidiu and undertaking a series of upskilling including Postpartum Doula training with Ann Grauer of DONA international, the Slingababy sling consultant course, and I’m currently training to be an infant sleep educator with Bebo Mia.

So, yes, I actually am a pediatric sleep educator, or infant sleep advisor, or expert sleep trainer, or whatever fancy title I want to pick out of the air. The thing is, I don’t think it’s the baby that needs training, it’s society. 

I have spoken and supported well over 200 new mothers and families in recent years. I have attended endless seminars on normal infant behaviour. I have given classes and hosted workshops for new parents. And I firmly believe that new parents can thrive in their new and sometimes daunting role of New Parent, not just survive.

I aim to put the first 40 days of life outside the womb back to the place of importance where it belongs — as a sacred space that must be claimed by women and their families for themselves. Reclaimed from "experts" who undermine parental instinct and claim to be able to "fix" normal infant behaviour.
How can we do this in our modern fast-paced world? Let’s learn together.
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